Friday, May 14, 2010

What We Have Been Up To

We have been pretty busy around here lately. Last week Emma had her dance recital. It is a pretty big deal around here, there is 70+ dancers and it seems like half the town comes to show their support. We were very proud parents!
Most of the pics are actually from the dress rehearsal, look at her go.

This year they had two dances to perform. Here the girls are back stage waiting for their turn.
Kaitlyn had her junior prom this year. Her and a couple friends stopped by so I could take some pictures. Becky,Ian, Kait and Tim.
They all looked so nice.
You are beautiful Kaitlyn!! Love you!!
Watch out today is crazy hair day!! Emma has been so excited for this day.
I think we got it crazy enough.
Of course Jacob wanted in on the action.
Well that's all for now, hope everyone is doing well.


The Gibson's said...

Very fun. I can't wait for dance with Ashlyn. Ok well not really. I hope she would rather play sports!